Dinner in Santamus


Dinner in Santamus is currently not available due to corona restrictions. You can ask for private events from our sales service.

Santamus is a unique multisensory experience for dinner, bringing nature within arm’s reach, even though you are indoors. Our unique menus nevertheless take central stage, including Lappish delicacies created using premium ingredients, favouring tasty local and organic production. As the highlight of the dining experience, we serve a dessert from a boat sails in on a boat through blue mist with sea sounds in the background.

Dinner in Santamus is as surprising and entertaining as it is, but if you want to dive even further into the mysterious world of Santamus, we recommend adding a once-in-a-lifetime experience program or pampering sauna programme to your dinner. We will gladly customise your visit, one that will never be forgotten.

Restaurant capacity: max. 150 persons.