Santamus Sauna Experience

Like the restaurant, the atmosphere of Santamus’s sauna spa is created by silver pine snag, natural stone, a crackling fire, and delicate candlelight. Besides the shower room and sauna, the sauna spa includes a lounge with fireplace intended for a relaxing stay. If you wish, you can spend the whole evening relaxing in the sauna spa, and we can serve you drinks and snacks to enjoy there.

The gentle lighting of the sauna itself and the pampering warm steam produced by the enormous stove make both mind body relax. There is suitable sauna seating for those who enjoy the more powerful impact of the steam and for those who prefer a more gentle and pampering experience. Our shower room includes a shallow pool made of stone from the Arctic Ocean, designed for foot treatment baths, the cold water of which accelerates blood circulation and refreshes you after a steamy hot sauna.

As an extra service for your sauna evening, you can book luxurious moments with the massaging jets of the outdoor jacuzzi hot tub. Relax in the jacuzzi and stare at the stars and sometimes even the Northern Lights while warm water and jets relax the muscles. Further enhance pampering during the sauna evening experience by enjoying a caring foot bath that uses Lappish wild herbs. 

The sauna can accommodate up to 12 bathers at a time.